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Dave Vande Vusse has been making mobiles for forty years. He was so inspired by the sight of a Calder mobile he saw while in graduate school that he was compelled to learn to make mobiles and stabiles himself. So he learned. He studied all sorts of mobiles wherever he came across them, but remains a true fan of the Calder style.

Dave’s construction methods have evolved to include various modern techniques. By using powder-coating paint finishes, computer-driven metal-cutting machines, MIG welding equipment, or even spray paint in cans, Dave can produce mobiles that fit better and have a more durable finish than Calder’s ever did.

Dave does commissions as well as original work. Examples range from a six-inch copy of a larger stabile to grace a client’s dining-room table to outdoor stabiles of more than ten feet. E-mail Dave your ideas and he’ll see what he can make for you.

Dave sells his work around the world through the internet and E-bay. One of his mobiles was lost in the World Trade Center. Fortunately, the owner escaped, and now has a new mobile hanging in his new office. Maybe you want something uniquely three-dimensional to hang or stand in your space. See Dave’s listing of current work or mail him a proposal.

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